• Testimonials

  • I have been to MANY different dentists over the years, and didn't care to loose any of them, whe changing insurances. Dr. Naret is the first dentist whom my whole family really wants to have as our dentist. She is very nice, thorough and accomodating. My 7 year old daughter, who was afraid of dentists, was put at ease by Svetlana, when she started seriously freaking out while in a chair. Svetlana sent me out of the office as I was not able to calm my child down and somehow was able to get her to calm down and finish the prosedure. When the open enrolment time came and I had questions about which plan to choose, she invited me to come in with all the paperwork to explain everything.....wow! She is willing to go out of her way to accomodate my schedule, all though she has a family with kids of her own to take care of.

    What can I say.......she is a Great person, on top of being a great doc.

    I highly reccomend Dr. Naret!

    V S.

  • I was really surprised to read the previous bad reviews because after going to Dr. Naret for many years I have never once had a bad experience. I've always need especially sensitive and squeamish so it took me forever to find a dentist that I felt comfortable around but she's the kind of doctor that you can completely let your guard down around and trust 100% to take care of you. Besides having many cavities filled lve also had multiple implants done and it's clear that she's top notch in her profession. She's so detailed and takes the time to explain what's she's doing and why. She's really the best, wouldn't go anywhere else at this point and have recommended her to many many folks who have all had the same great experience.

    Lara T.

  • Who loves their dentist? I sure do!

    This is my first time writing a review for a dentist because I was blown away by Dr. Naret and her amazing staff. I like to give credit where it's deserved, and Dr. Naret Who loves their dentist? I sure do!

    This is my first time writing a review for a dentist because I was blown away by Dr. Naret and her amazing staff. I like to give credit where it's deserved, and Dr. Naret no doubt deserves recognition for her knowledge and expertise. I've switched dentists countless times; in fact, I even have heard enough stories about shady, money-hungry dentists misdiagnosing patients.

    Upon coming in for my first check up, I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff. After a quick 5 minutes, I was called in. The dental assistant asked if I had any concerns and I told her about the recent tooth ache on the left side of my mouth. I was almost positive that it was a cavity.

    When Dr. Naret came in, she did the most thorough examination of my teeth. She looked at each individual tooth and blurted out some dental language regarding the condition of each tooth while her assistant jotted down notes on a clipboard. My teeth felt so loved and cared for - it was as though each tooth mattered. When I told her about my tooth ache, she took a look at the x-rays and told me that I was cavity free. She attributed the problem to sinuses, and was on point. I do have bad sinuses and after fixing the problem, my toothache went away.

    Thank you, Dr. Naret! Her knowledge of dentistry surpasses many I've encountered thus far.

    T N.

  • Dr. Naret has been my dentist for over 10 years now, and I wouldn't trust anyone else, period. She's done cleanings, cavities, tooth extractions, and has recommended great specialists for wisdom tooth and oral surgery procedures.

    She is very comforting to work with, and I always feel like she is recommending what's best for me, and not just trying to get the most $$ out of me. (She has often times recommended not doing expensive procedures, and worked with my insurance to save me $$ in a lot of cases where I did need procedures done - yeah, my oral care isn't exactly 10/10).

    Lastly a little story: 6 years ago, I moved to San Francisco, and needed a dentist down here.

    So I scoured Yelp and other sources to find the best dentists in the area. One dentist, I never even interacted with (only his assistants), and I didn't like that. The other dentist literally drained my whole insurance for the year in two appointments, performing a deep cleaning I didn't need for 3x market rate, while LEAVING chunks of calculus in my gums (that Dr. Naret later showed me on an X-Ray). Um...no thanks.

    I now make it a point to drive down to San Jose to see Dr. Naret, because I feel she is a very rare breed of dentist, one with great skill to match her great integrity, and I'd recommend her to anyone!

    Ace R.

  • Like most I have been to many dentists over the years. Dr. Neret I have to say has been the best thus far. She is professional and has a good bedside manner. I would recommend her to anyone and I plan on having my employees come to her.

    She got me in on extreme short notice to repair a very deep filling that another dentist had done a few years ago that had cracked. And then made a root canal happen the same day once it was determined it was needed. Later in the evening she made a follow up call to see how I was feeling and go through everything with me.

    I have never had a medical professional give me such great service from any field. She has my thanks and respect!

    V S.